Vol 98, 2011



Masthead, index and editorial page

Regular Papers

Characterization of Jatropha Curcas L. seed and its oil, from Argentina and
Paraguay. J.M. Montes, M. Rodríguez Aliciardi, J. Vaca Chávez, C. Guzmán and E.
Calandri. pp. 1-9
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Determination of ergosterol in cellular fungi by HPLC. A modified technique. V. M. Chiocchio, and L. Matković. pp. 10-15
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Development and validation of a gas chromatography method for the simultaneous
determination of multicomponents during monoglyceride synthesis by glycerolysis of
methyl oleate: application to homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis. Cristián A. Ferretti, Carlos R. Apesteguía, and J. Isabel di Cosimo. pp. 16-28
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Effect of acid oxidation treatment on adsorption properties of arc-discharge synthesized
multiwall carbon nanotubes. José L. Vicente, Alberto Albesa, Jorge L. Llanos, Ethel S. Flores, Abel E. Fertitta, Delia B. Soria, M. Sergio Moreno and Matías Rafti. pp. 29-38
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Evaluation of Tagetes Minuta L. essential oils to control Varroa destructor (Acari:
Varroidae). Ester R. Chamorro, Alfredo F. Sequeira, Gustavo A. Velasco, María F. Zalazar 
and Griselda A. Ballerini. pp. 39-47
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Preparation and characterization of catalysts based on Cassiterite (SnO2) and its
application in hydrogenation of methyl esters. A. Castro-Grijalba, J. Urresta, A. Ramirez, and J. Barrault. pp. 48-59
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The full non-rigid group theory for Trimethylborane with C3v, C3h and Cs point
groups. T .  Karimi, M. Eslami Moghadam, M .  Farrokhi D .  G. and M. Aghaei. pp. 60-70
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Vibrational spectra of the α-MIIC2O4.2H2O oxalato complexes, with MII = Co, Ni,
Zn. Alejandra Wladimirsky, Daniel Palacios, María C. D’Antonio, Ana C. González-Baró and  Enrique J. Baran. pp. 71-77
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